Sovart Guitars
Gluing up a top for a Flame Series
Carving the top
Sanding the body
Measuring for hardware
Almost completed
        Since I was a young kid, I've had a true passion for guitars.  
After years of playing in bands and buying and selling literally
hundreds of guitars, I decided to pursue my dream of designing
and building my own guitars.  I began this trial and error process in
my small 2 car garage almost 10 years ago.  I sold all my expensive
guitar gear and bought machinery and exotic woods. Being a lead
guitarist for several years, I felt confident I knew what most
guitarists wanted and looked for in an instrument. My philosophy
is simple when it comes to building a guitar. It must play like a
dream. It must be built using the best woods and hardware. And
it must be as affordable as possible!  I'm glad to say that almost
ten years later, I have satisfied customers all over the world! Many
of those customers are now friends.
Sovart Guitars are hand made custom guitars. I personally build
each one as if it were to be my own. I give a lifetime warranty on
craftsmanship and enjoy giving my customers a true one-on-one
relationship to ensure customer satisfaction.
       Please feel free to call if you are interested or simply have
questions. I will be glad to talk to you with no pressure to buy!

-Brad Smith
Owner, Sovart Guitars